My personal impression of the school system is like a coin – it has a flip side.

In elementary school, instead of introducing the students to the joy of learning, the only message conveyed is: Learn how to handle the pressure or sink like the Titanic.

In the first years of our school education “the wheat is seperated from the chaff”. When you ask children at that age what they want to be when they are grown-up, they often answer princess, pilot or firefighter. Now these kids should make a decision which probably affects the rest of their lives.

The “elite” of our country, who already fail to assemble a pen, goes to a grammar school. The rest will be shipped off to a secondary school. This chaff is sorted out again to years later. Those who are even insufficient for the demands of a secondary school are probably just good enough after nine years school education to clean up after the others.

During their years at school, lasting memories are created – of bullying by classmates and teachers or the pressure to succeed. But there is also a good side to the school system. In a short period of time, one learns the skill of aquiring things which might be useful in life later on by themselves.

At least encourages creativity by making you think about how to make the best out of your time in class.